I've built my game & life on these 4 cornerstones...

These are the 4 Cornerstones I've built my life, game, business and ministry camps on. I was very influenced by John Wooden's pyramid of success and it caused me to think deeply about important characteristics I wanted to build my life on. When I was training to play professionally overseas for the first time I really drew on these 4 characteristics in the process. You may have your own 4 or a pyramid of success, I hope these help guide you in the right direction:





Faith- Faith is a result of confidence. Our goal is to develope that confidence through purposeful skill training. But most importantly the foundation of faith is in God and to honor Him with the gifts and opportunities we are given.

Perseverance- Basketball and life have many things in common, one of those things is both are filled with adversity. You cannot escape adversity, failure or hardship in the game of basketball. But those who are persistant are those who will make things happen. Perseverance is a rare and precious weapon every great basketball player must develope.

Consistency- Repetition is the key to skill. There is no secret formula to improvment you have to put in the work consistently day in and day out. Discipline is an unpoplular word to many players but the player who developes a consistent and disciplined work eithic WILL GET BETTER. Guarnteed.

Smart Work- Hardwork is the price everyone must pay to succeed but smart work is the edge to go even higher. Many players work hard and some are willing to spend hours each day doing something involving basketball. But a player with a plan can actually avoid wasting countless hours and improve faster. Why? He has learned the value of hard work and smart work.


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