How to handle adversity during your basketball season...

During the grind of every basketball season you will experience victories & losses, highs & lows, sometimes injuries occur, conflicts within the team, slumps, etc. All the tough times can really make or break a player or team. As a player I have certainly had my share of adversity when it comes to the game of basketball. I've experienced it from almost every angle as the go to guy, or a supporting role player, a benchwarmer and even as a coach. Each basketball season I've been blessed to participate in has always challenged me, humbled me, and pushed me in so many different ways. I've handle some situations with toughness & integrity but I've made plenty of mistakes to learn from along the way.

I've played at every possible level and with some amazing players & for a few hall of fame coaches. Whatever adversity you may be going through now or in the near future I'd like you to consider these things:

1) "You will become what you are becoming today." This quote sums up the importance of consistency & work ethic. I truly believe any success I've had as a player is because I never stopped trying to improve by getting in all the work I felt I needed to do to stay ahead of others. Whether I was playing great or had a terrible game or experienced a setback I never let those things affect my mindset or work ethic.

2.) Step back and ask yourself what I can I learn from this? And what’s the best way to handle this? If you injured then maybe you have more time to focus on gaining strength in healthy areas of your body. If you're not playing many minutes then figure out why & put more extra work in on those areas. If you're having conflict with your coach or teammate then humble yourself & use that opportunity to grow as a person & leader by resolving it rather than letting it get worse.

3.) Realize that adversity will end & you will be so much stronger if you remain positive? When you're going through a storm its miserable, it can feel hopeless & consuming. It’s very hard to stay positive but that’s what strong & special people do. We all know the story about Michael Jordan getting cut in high school only to use that pain as his launching pad to being the greatest. All those great players you admire are in the position they're in today because they didn't give up when their adversity came on & off the court. Weak people fold & quit, weak people make excuses or blame others for their hardship. You want to come out of this thing on top, better, stronger with more confidence? Then accept adversity and stay as positive as you can. You may be hurting inside but that doesn't mean you stop working. Pick yourself up, study and respect the game, then do it for yourself and no one else.

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