The Key to Improving Skills everyday

What is the key to improving your basketball skills consistently? The answer is simply make your practice challenging enough so that you make lots of mistakes. Yes, mistakes are the key to improving your game! Let me be clear that I do not mean practice wrecklessly or out of control so that you are dribbling the ball all over the gym or throwing the ball off the backboard. But if you practice in a purposeful way with correct form and fundamentals then making mistakes can improve your game more than anything else. Why? Its because when you are practicing skills correctly and really challenging yourself then will learn something new and become a better player in that moment. Although you will continue to make mistakes you will soon figure it out.

I tell all the players I train at some point in our training sessions to 'figure it out' on their own when they encounter a move or shot that is very difficult for them. By working hard at improving a skill when you keep making mistakes it forces you to focus in on what you need to do to improve. At that very moment if you keep trying and don't get overly frustrated then you will teach your mind, body & nervous system how to do what you want it to do. So often players get caught up in doing things they are good at already and if you get in that cycle you will never really improve. Its not cool to train and look awkward or make mistakes but if you really want to take your game to a higher level you have to get over trying to look cool or stay in your comfort zone. Its uncomfortable and difficult to work at things that you're weak at. Get uncomfortable in your practices so that you look so comfortable making those moves in a game!

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