Private Training

We currently train over 150+ players privately of all levels (Youth, HS, College & Pro) throughout KY & IN. Please read over the info & then let us know if you have any questions or which option you would like to begin with by texting either "MEMBERSHIP" or "TRAINING PACKAGE" to our business cell #: 415-237-4103

We now handle all our training booking, updates, answer your questions & set you up on our app by texting this business cell:

(415) 237-4103



1."Monthly Membership" caters to players wanting more training, consistency, longer term & all at a huge discount! Basically 'more training for less money.' It includes both private training sessions & access to all skill classes each month. There is a GOLD & SILVER level membership. Upon purchasing a membership there will be one monthly payment automatically paid monthly (simple & easy). It's a great deal for those families/players invested in training with us longer term in exchange for a massive discount (3 month commitment & then rolls month to month after that, cancel anytime). 


We created the membership understanding that players will sometimes need to miss days or a week because of (ex: vacations, weekend tourneys, sickness, etc). We don't want you to feel like you're losing any value for what you paid for. So with memberships you get double to triple the value of the regular price each month! For example, the "Gold membership" is $300/month but offers over $800 worth of training/value/discounts, you really can't beat that deal. You can text our business cell for more info on memberships or here is the direct link to see the details, watch a video description & purchase:


2. "Private Training Packages" is what we've traditionally offered with 2 options: 5 sessions or 10 sessions. These are private training 1-hour sessions for individuals or groups. The private training packages are ideal for players wanting 1-2 private sessions per week without any skill classes. For 5 sessions you would need to get those in within 30 days & with 10 sessions you would need to get them in within 60 days. You can schedule sessions weekly or bunch them together as long as you finish them out within that 30 or 60 day timeframe. We also offer a 4-payment plan through the payment provider "shop pay" for these packages to spread out the payments if you'd like that option. 



1. Monthly Membership Pricing:

Gold Membership: $300/month (Retail Value $800+, saving over $500)

-5 Private Sessions & 8 Skill Classes each month

-3-4x workouts a week (1 private, 2 class)

-Access to our curriculum & drills video library

-Access to ALL of our online programs/courses

-20% off Leagues, events, merch

(More details at the membership link below)


Silver Membership: $250/month (Retail Value $500+, saving over $250)

-4 Private Sessions & 4 Skill Classes each month

-2x workouts a week (1 private, 1 class)

-Access to our curriculum & drills video library

-Access to 1 of our online programs/courses

-10% off Leagues, events, merch

(More details at the membership link below)


Info & Purchase Membership here:


2. Private Training Pricing:

Individual packages (5 or 10 sessions)

$60/session, 10 session package = $600 total (60 days to use, 2 months)

$75/session, 5 session package = $375 total (30 days to use, 1 month)

*Payment plan available for package options (4 payments spread over 2 months)

*Timeframe: For 5 sessions you have 30 days to use upon starting & for 10 sessions you have 60 days to use upon starting. No rollover once that timeframe is reached. 


Group packages: (5 & 10 sessions)

$40/player for 2-5 players 

5 sessions = $200 per player (30 days to use, 1 month)

10 sessions = $400 per player (60 days to use, 2 months)

*Once all players have purchased the same package then you can begin booking your sessions on the booking app or online. Book 1 spot for your group.

*Ideal for siblings training together or friends/teammates wanting to privately train together with pro staff.

*Payment plan available for package options (4 payments spread over 2 months)


Private Training Details:

Private Sessions are 1 hour, include feedback evaluation from lead trainer, mental/confidence building & customized program for each player's specific skill set or needs. Our director Phil Morrison will get feedback from parents & player. The benefit of private training is we cater the training to the needs of the player to help them develop. Trainers will be communicating with the player/parent on what the goals are & feedback. Our sessions will be customized for each player, we'll focus on specific skills & developing mental skills for the real transformation & confidence. Players will also have access to our curriculum & drills video library so they can have "basketball homework' to train on their own. 

Pro Training Staff:

Our staff includes 8 trainers with college & pro experience in 18 countries overseas! Our Pro trainers: Phillip Morrison, Terrance Farley, Antonio Sullivan, Bryson Harris & Vince Toftness which have played professionally overseas along with College All-American & HS All-American selections. Most importantly they have a gift & desire to TEACH the game & CONNECT with players at their own pace. We love working with young kids & beginners just as much as our elite players in D1 or Overseas. We pride ourselves in being a world class team of trainers with the mission to INVEST, TEACH, INSPIRE. Our goal in training is to build players' confidence while giving a structure and a blueprint to apply their own work ethic too so they 'learn how to train with purpose on their own.'

Training Schedule:

Each month we post our schedule online & you can always see it in our booking app. Normal schedule is:

Sat- 1pm-4pm @ Westport Road Baptist, 9705 Westport Road 

Sun- 2-6pm @ Westport Road Baptist, 9705 Westport Road 

Mon 5-8pm @ Westport Road Baptist, 9705 Westport Road

Tue- 5-8pm @ Westport Road Baptist, 9705 Westport Road

Thurs- mornings/afternoons @ Midamerica Sports Center  

Cancellation Policy:

If you need to reschedule or cancel a session please do so the day before (12-24 hours before scheduled) to avoid the cancellation policy. Each player is allowed 1 cancellation each month. If another "day of cancellation" occurs they are deducted a session/class from their membership or package. We understand emergencies and things happen so we built in 1 free cancellation if needed. But please consider how day of cancels or no shows affect our gym fees, paying trainers/staff & a tight schedule to get in all players so we must enforce a cancellation policy. 

How do I start & begin booking sessions?

1. To begin please text our business cell # 415-237-4103 & let us know if you'd like to begin a "MEMBERSHIP" or "TRAINING PACKAGE".  We send out a text message each week of our upcoming schedule, updates/changes & reminders of your booked sessions. This business line is run by our Admin (Ryan) & Hoops for Christ Founder/Director (Phillip) so please direct any questions you have here & you can email us:

2. Next you will purchase your membership or training package online at our store at this link below. There is more info, video explanations & pricing options for you as well at our online store here:

3. You are now ready to book your sessions and skill classes! You can download our booking app to see the calendar of upcoming skill classes & private training spots available & book your spot. We suggest you download the app! Its easy & we'll walk you through it (text us). Also we'll text you the link each week with our upcoming schedule and you can book your spot online that way as well.


Thank you for allowing us to invest in your child! We look forward to training with you guys!

Private Training

Private Training

Private Training
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Pro Training Session (Jazz Ferguson, Peyton Siva, Keisten Jones, Chris Dowe

Pro Training Session (Jazz Ferguson, Peyton Siva, Keisten Jones, Chris Dowe

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College Ball Handling Session

College Ball Handling Session

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Training Peyton Siva (Finishes & Ball handling)

Training Peyton Siva (Finishes & Ball handling)

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Training Jaylen Johnson (UofL/Chicago Bulls)

Training Jaylen Johnson (UofL/Chicago Bulls)

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If you are looking for 1-on-1 or small group training we offer a variety of training packages & sessions.  Click below:




"If there was ever an  opportunity to learn from one of the nation's best skills instructors this is it.  Just give Phil one opportunity to work with you and you'll be sold.  Your skill level will improve tremendously!  My teams have trained with Phil many times because he is a great basketball skills trainer but an even better person.  Phil has the total package."

Coach Dale Mabrey (PRP H.S.)

Winningest coach in Louisville History

KY Hall of Fame  

"I've never had a teammate more dedicated to his craft. There were days after practice where he would stay after and work on skill work and I wondered how he had any more energy left because he also left it all out on the floor. A great guy, teammate, and trainer; Phil is the total package."

Rashad Jones-Jennings

(Overseas Pro)

Led Juco/NCAA-D1/Pro in Rebounds per game

“Phil not only models the expectations of the effort and attitude that are necessary to train at the highest level, but he takes a group and immediately commands their attention. After he trained my our team here at Asbury, the weeks following were filled with my players in the gym continuing to do the same drills on their own with the same sense of urgency Phil instilled in them during the 90 minute workout.”

Coach Will Shouse

Asbury University

"I couldn't be more happier with the results of my game after working with my man, Phil. He was able to find new ways to improve my game and to continue keep my body and mind where it should be as a pro."

Jared Dillinger

Pro Basketball Player (Overseas)

"Phil's elite training helped me transition my game from a high school athlete to a standout college basketball player. However, not only did my game change for the better, so did my attitude. Phil prepared me for the ultimate game of life. I am blessed to call him a friend."

Adam Delph

College Basketball All-American

(UK & Asbury University)

"We had Phillip come to train our girls team once a week for 6 weeks and really concentrated on improving our ball handling skills.  Having Phillip come was fantastic and I would recommend him to anyone who wishes to become a better basketball player."

Coach Eric Browning

Assumption High School

As an individuall trainer, or directing a basketball clinic at any level, Phil Morrison can give your son, daughter, or team a combination of inspiration and high tech hands on training. Our Salvation Teams in the Philippines and 12 year old son have benefitted much!"

Steven Siebert

Founder of Salvation Teams Basketball Ministry

Former Overseas Pro

"Phil has helped me elevate my game in a way I could have never done in a million years on my own. His faith in Christ and basketball knowledge combined can help anyone from any walk of life grow as a person on and off the court. A pros pro with an rigorous work ethic and great attitude that is contagious! Great trainer and even better person. He makes others better!"

Jeremy Kendle

Overseas Pro & NCAA All-American